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via bythepalemoonlight4
Seria Hibbits: via bythepalemoonlight4

I would just like to let some you you gentelmen know that you should not be offended by not getting a reply when you respond to an add. I am a fairly attractive female, not model material but pretty and fit, that posted here once and received over 200 responses. It would have taken me forever to send a courtesy reply to each of the men who responded . I certainly meant no dissrespect for the ones I did not reply back to but I had no intention of spending my whole evening relpying to fellas I did not feel I would have a connection with. The point of this is to say, you know if you're a good guy or not. If you are don't be hurt by women not responding to you. The right woman will and the rest of us won't know what we are missing out on.

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