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via timetopretend
Mezin Villamil: via timetopretend

Hi All.I'm thinking it's time to get out there and date, cause videogames aren't feeling a hole in my heart.I like to think I'm fun, I know I'm awsome . I play videogames, I love to go camping, do photgraphy, get out and Dance Clubs, raves, what ever else And staying in and watching movies.Right now the economy sucks, I don't have a job, but I am looking and searching for one. My Car is kinnda run down till I can buy the parts, so I am kinda lame right now, but just till I get back on my feet. I mean I do need to be honest with you haha but I am trying with getting back on my feetI would like you to atleast like to try new things, be taller then me I'm 5'5 and like videogames!Well It hink that is all right now .

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