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Poplar Bluff Mote: s

Do you love the ocean? Do you love wild places? Do you want a woman to take care of you and are you ready to take care of a woman? I am a poet, musician, actor and romantic ready to stage my talents with the world as audience. The camera and I have chemistry not only because I'm a natural beauty but I have depth. I can play anyone because I thrive on absorbing others experiences and I have lived. I have loved, been broken, flown high, died, suffered, celebrated, fallen and gotten back up again. I've been put on earth to share stories through words, notes, song, motion and film. Are you a director, writer or musician looking for a woman who can still fall foolishly in love? Do you desire a strong, sassy, sincere muse who wishes on stars, swings, slides, skips and slips? Do you desire a woman who dances naked when she is alone? Then maybe I'm your muse.

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