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lychees jane minou i serve you cock
Bolong Woodham: lychees jane minou i serve you cock

You must have a wicked sense of humor and enjoy laughing. No sourpusses allowed. I am not looking for a sugar daddy but a long term partner. I do not have children, but want to have at least one of my own. It's ok if you have them already, but you must be committed to them and responsible for them. I am sexy and smart and strong, so I expect you to be as well. I am a liberated gal, but am quite traditional at heart. I do believe it's possible to be a whore in the bedroom and be a loving wife mother at the same time. Celebrating sexuality is an integral part of any relationship. I am attractive. I'm not looking for Prince Charming, but I do expect you to be somewhat attractive. I also don't expect you to be perfect. I am realistic. I love people flaws all.

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