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Steeleville Weirather: photo

I'm taking summer classes at UC Berkeley. Classes are so-so. It would be nice to have a relaxing afternoon, and maybe something more if we click. On Friday afternoon, we could see either Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me on one of the movie cinemas on Shattuck.If we do see Toy Story, my vote goes for the normal 2D version. Does anyone like movies in 3D? I've found the glasses a bit cumbersome, especially as I already have prescription glasses and the additional weight of the 3D glasses crushes my face. Toy Story 3 isn't cut out for 3D anyway. It's not like there are going to be epic action sequences. As for Despicable Me, I am not entirely clear on what the plot is, but that boss guy from the Office is in it, so I bet the movie is funny.

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