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greg williams  movie camera stills
Queen Victoria Kossey: greg williams - movie camera stills

We met on this site and on our first date you kissed me at the point. We decided to just be friends but yesterday I told you that I didnt want to be just friends anymore. Even though it has been just a day I miss texting you and hearing your voice. I never thought I could actually have feelings for someone ever again, You brought that back for me. I know that I am not perfect and I know that I am not the most beautiful but when I was with you I felt like I was. If you even feel a little bit of what I am feeling you have my number Hint- You liked to call my dog Tina Faye and Tina Turner. I called her Boo Boo Your Favorite food is Chinesse. We have only cussed in front of each other twice You like my Irresitable Apple body spray. I hope you read this.

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