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via wonderlandcode831
Contrexeville Poplawski: via wonderlandcode831

You read an ad indicating I'm looking to meet someone however I'm not attracted to any male bipedal, carbon based life form. That's interesting You read another ad indicating someone would like to meet a Bad Boy that's actually a Good Man. That's interesting Don't be alarmed, it isn't syphilis affecting the mind having been felt untreated. It has nothing to do with head trauma or drug use. It's an affliction known has Estrogen Poisoning. All women have it some more than others. Luckily, we men are naturally equipped with the tool to treat this problem through the regular administration of Testosterone. If they are amenable to receiving regular doses it helps us as well as we know that too much testosterone makes us behave a bit erratically. Translation FUCK 'EM!

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