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Staryy Krym Pickrell: photo

Question for the chirrup gentleman. What does BBW mean to you? To me, it means someone who shops at Lane Bryant, a plus-size store, or someone who can't walk down the street without huffing and puffing.So what is an attractive woman to do when she is not the above, but is also not a size 6? Is that really a turn off? Cause I'm getting the sense that it is. I know we all have our personal tastes, but I'd like to think that there are guys out there who don't like the skinny-mini or the outright obese. I've got curves in good places. I wear clothes from regular stores, just not size x-small.Beyond this, I'm not defined by appearances. I'm wicked smart, wicked caring, and not the obsessive-crazy girl type that is out there. I'm chill. I've been through a lot of hell in my life, but I don't wear my quotbaggagequot around my neck. I don't listen to pop, top 23 radio. I read. I watch tv. I cook. I walk my dog. I kill house plants.What do you do? And what do you like?

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