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exhibitionism thrushbone via pornodl
Mahmutlar Farah: exhibitionism thrushbone via pornodl

That maybe the person who just walked by might be the one, but the ipod got in the way. or the coffee shop encounter could have been the first few words of a good longer conversation , but the laptop cyber realty canceled the possibility. and what if you met someone who was wise and soulful, beautiful in ways not measured by botox or other enhancements, but you couldn't see her becuase you imagine a younger version for your salty self .... we somehow seem to see ourselves younger than our age .... why? what is wrong with our age? i love our age, but not what the concept of what ageism has become. so someday, what a beautiful idea that we find each other - completely comfortable with our grey stripes and smile lines we have earned after totally engaging in life all that it means. am i strong enough? rich enough? not too blind to see? such a pretty, pretty, pretty life .....

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