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Coaling Hards: photo

Hey everyone, All your responses were beautiful Thanks for all the emails back it was very encouraging to see that people had different aspect of how I was feeling and I was able to relate to some as well, in all, I thanks you all, though I did write my ad out of anger and sadness, I have to say I do have a new perspective about it all now . D keep your head up, never chnage who you are, and do whatever makes you happy D I am so tired of guys who can't seem to make up their minds, here I am giving it all my all and there you are not even trying, I know am not hot or ugly but not once have I heard you tell me how beautiful I am, i tell myself I will find the right person...... I want the special feelings when in a relationship, the hugs, kisses, the little things and the big things... Men can be so complicated ugh why can't I just find a nice guy who is going to like me for me and someone I can have fun with, without having to change who I am.

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