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I know I'm only 24, but I'm rare. I'm single. I have no kids. I'm tired of being heartbroken and even more than that I'm tired of being in meaningless relationships.I'm hurting over someone who doesn't deserve my tears and hoping for something I'm terrified of, need more than anything, but don't feel will happen and that's love. I'm overweight which doesn't bother me but I know it plays a part in my being single or not, but I see so much beauty within myself that I want to share with someone so bad. It's impossible to find a guy that wants a girl who has morals and is a Christian and is one himself, doesn't have to party and get drunk every weekend to have a good time, and likes bigger girls. I won't sacrifice who I am, that's for sure. I'd rather be single forever and stay true to who I am, than settle or lose myself just to be in a relationship. It's not waiting that bothers me, it's not knowing exactly what I'm waiting for that kills me. Anyone have a time machine I borrow? Lol

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