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via laialadaia dementes pocahaunted
Coulterville Tetzloff: via laialadaia dementes pocahaunted

Sup, my name is Ali and I'm a student as CSI. I work fulltime and go to school full. That doesn't mean I'm automatically too busy. I work weekends at my job so most weekends are busy. Anyways, I live with my grandma, not because I'm too poor to afford my own place but because she needs me here. So if that is a problem, keep looking. Also I don't put out on the first date, not saying I put out on the second one either so if you're looking for that then keep looking. I like to think I'm a pretty nice girl. Who knows how to cook. I like music. Well more like I love music. Movies are nice and so is being outside. I have to admit I don't have a filter, so what I think pretty much comes out. I'm looking for a guy who's not too afraid of me and my life and is between 22 and 27. So if you want to talk do the link thingy and let's talk.

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